NBABot is a Discord bot with live NBA scores, player stats and info, boxscores, standings and much more to come. The bot is created by Fans, for fans, and the bot is open source to welcome collaboration on something that we all love, the NBA!

NBA Commands

Command Description
nba scores Shows you the live scores for today.
nba boxscore [team] Shows you basic stats on the players on that team in the game today. 
nba player-stats [player] Shows you stats on that player.
nba player-info [player] Shows you basic information on that player like height, weight and draft pick.
nba standings Shows you the current league standings.
nba standings west Shows you the current Western Conference standings.
nba standings east Shows you the current Eastern Conference standings.
nba roster [team] Shows you the current roster for that team.
nba teams A simple command which shows you the current teams in the NBA.

Betting Guide

1. Find out what games are available by using nba betting-scores.
2. Bet on a game using nba bet [team] if that team has not started playing today. For example, nba bet PHX.
3. Once that game has finished, claim your results using nba claim.

- To view your points and accuracy use nba bal.
- To view your unclaimed bets, use nba placedbets.
- To view another user's balance, use nba bal @user#1234.
- To view the leaderboard for the server, use nba leaderboard or nba board.
- To view the global leaderboard, use nba board global.

Other Commmands

Command Description
nba help Gives you the list of commands and the link to this page.
nba help detailed Gives you a detailed guide to NBABot's commands.
nba ping Just gives the ping which is how long it takes for the bot to respond.
nba uptime Gives you how long the bot has been online (in its current session).
nba invite Gives you the link to add NBABot to your servers.
nba vote Gives you the link to vote for NBABot. Voting helps us!
nba github Gives you the link to the GitHub of NBABot. Feel free to contribute. (We're open source!)
nba bot-stats Shows you the amount of servers, channels and users the bot detects.